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Monday, February 1, 2021

Rent Me


There a few companies that have camper vans available for rent, companies that paint them all up to attraction attention is all that I can think of. This one here I think went too far.  Would you want to drive around in a van that read “Smelly Hippies” on the side?  On the back it reads “I have puppies instead of children.  I’d rather have my carpet ruined than my life”.  Okay, I thought that one funny.
With these rentals you get some pots and pans, a built in stove, maybe an ice chest I would think and a bed.  I just wonder if you get a choice of the graphics or just have to settle with what is availible.


  1. "Smelly Hippies" should ensure that no one comes and camps right beside you.

  2. I think that van would scare me off renting off them

  3. That van looks like it has been abandoned. I wouldn't want to go anywhere near it! And certainly not rent it.


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