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Friday, March 26, 2021

At Roadrunner

When we pulled in to Roadrunner I had acres of desert land to choose from for camp.
“Where to go?”  Well we ended up here with the closest neighbors way over there on the other side.

Everywhere we camp or even to stay a night say at a Walmart parking lot, I will drop a pin on Google Maps marking our location.  So you can imagine my surprise when I went to drop a pin on this spot and discovered we had camped on just the other side of those saguaros back in February of 2018 and it just so happened that Amanda and Dresy were with us at that time, only now it is her and Louie.
That’s kind of weird.  Am I that predictable? 

Once we settled in we had to endure a couple days seeking shelter inside due to high winds.  The good thing here though is the fact it isn’t dusty, nor vehicles stirring up dust with these winds and it is really so very quiet compared to Beans’ Tree Camp up that dirt road on the left.


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