A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Beans’ Tree

We were at this spot last October then had to leave for two months to deal with my “problem”.
When we returned in December it was still there, empty, waiting for us.
Beans got real excited when she saw her tree.  But for me the place stirred up bad memories of that awful day and I wanted to start fresh elsewhere.  Elsewhere was not to be found so I returned vowing to not allow bad memories rule my life.

 Beans likes this tree and the shade it provides.  
She’ll sit there for a long time just looking around.
There were lizards in the tree but when we returned no so much.

That is okay as she is content to just lie there and enjoy her tree.

A couple times she has climbed up it and then I have to help her down.
If I see her looking up into it, thinking, all I have to say is “No” and she’ll turn away from her thoughts.
She’s a really good cat.

In the late afternoon the tree provides welcome shade on The Little House on the Highway.
It is a mesquite tree which has small sharp thorns on the slender branches.  The root system goes very deep in search of water and the native Americans would harvest the small seed pods.

When we return to Quartzsite next fall I am inclined to return to Beans’ Tree Camp again.  It is a good spot in the sense there is no space where one can camp close to us yet is is close to the dirt road which is the main thoroughfare and the ATV’s buzzing by are annoying.  We shall see when we return. 



Shammickite said...

The bark on the trunk of that tree has such a marvellous texture. If I was a cat I'd love to get my claws into it, so I can't blame Beans for wanting to climb up.

Hawaiian bred said...

We had a forest of these trees behind our house in Hawaii when I was growing up. We never wore shoes and had to watch the ground very carefully when we walked because the thorns fell to the ground and were very painful if stepped on. Be careful, Beans!!