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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Coffee and Smoothie Shop

Attached to the laundry room is this nice little coffee and smoothie shop.  I was having the second part of my breakfast while waiting on the clothes and went in for a coffee drink.
Gee, I didn’t notice the parking meter when I was there.  Funny.  I’m sure it is just for looks.

I had been in here a few years back and it seemed the same but the owner was telling me how she had changed things over the years.  I just really couldn’t remember.

She said she first had antiques in there for sale but has since switched them out for what you see here.  She does make good drinks and whereas a couple other coffee shops in town have since closed down she is still doing well with her shop.  

Later I remembered how I bought a mocha at one of those since closed down shops and it was sort of weak.  Not here.  Lisa (I believe that is her name) makes a good mocha.

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John W. Wall said...

I would think smoothies would go over pretty good out there.