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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Finding Luci on My Morning Walk

There are not that many people left around here so the road out front of camp is pretty quiet and makes for a good route to take my morning walks.  I don’t have to contend with annoying ATVs stirring up a bunch of dust all the time.

On one such morning walk I found a Luci Light.  It was dirty and flat  I figured it had been run over.  Back at camp I cleaned it up, pushed a button and it lit up!  I got on the site to learn more about it.  I was already aware of Luci Lights for they are very popular with car and tent campers and nomads traveling in vans.

It is made of a soft vinyl plastic and collapses down and that is how I found it.  You blow it up as you see here.  The light has a low, bright and flashing mode, the latter I don’t know why you would want unless you plan to have a dance party at camp.  Set it in the sun to charge up and it will stay lit for twenty-four hours.  A charge will last for three years when stored away if you can believe that.

That evening I set it up inside and was very impressed with the light it gave off.  I can see why people really like Luci Lights.  You can get them from Amazon for $20.  I think they would be nice for the home owner to have in case of power outages. 


RedPat said...

I have 3 of them which I keep in a south facing window so they are always ready for action!

Barbara Rogers said...

I gave these as Christmas presents one year to my three sons, one of whom does a lot of outdoor stuff...and to a good friend who also is a hiker. They are fun and useful...two qualities I admire in things.

John W. Wall said...

Great tip. Thanks. Looks much brighter than my Coleman lantern, which I've never been happy with despite it's being powered by four D-cells.

Shammickite said...

I have never heard of these but they look marvellous, I may do some more investigation and perhaps make a purchase!

Anonymous said...

We have one and used it during a 3 day outage we had last month.