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Monday, March 29, 2021

Goodbye Quartzsite

photo courtesy of Amanda

It is warming up and about time we moved on eastward.
  Today we are pulling out with somewhat of a idea for a route but no real destination in mind. 

Beans and I will probably end up back in Quartzsite this winter; there isn’t really any better option.  The weather is reasonably fine for winter months and I have easy access to town for supplies using the motor bike.  All other long term stay areas in Arizona require driving the RV a long distance for goods.

But who knows lies in store for any of us six months or more from now?  The important part is to live each day and enjoy it as much as you can.  I was reading an article where the guy was saying how he was in the hospital for a couple of months.  He would lie there in bed and look out the window at the rain hitting the glass, the snow falling or the fierce roaring wind at times.  He’d think to himself how he wished he was out in that wonderful weather.  Then friends and family would come to visit and tell him “Oh it is miserable out there today”.  He would just nod his head and smile.  That was all he could do.

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