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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

I Miss Smiling Faces


Or even frowny ones.

   I am not opposed to talking with perfect strangers most of whom I come across while shopping for groceries and standing in check-out lines.  It is pretty much the extent of my social interactions these days.  If the person is wearing a mask though I rarely start up a conversation.  In talking with someone wearing a mask I may as well be talking with a mannequin.  So much is lost when half of the person’s face is concealed behind a thin piece of “virus proof” material

   I also miss handshakes.  I never thought I would find myself writing that.  Before the Wuhan virus I was always aware of a handshake being mindful to keep that contaminated hand in check until I could sanitize it.  This stems from my pneumonia episode twelve years ago which turned me into a somewhat mild-mannered germaphobe.  But now I miss a handshake although my mind would still be reeling with be aware afterwards.  That pneumonia thing instilled a life-long change in habits with me.   

   Hugging too is sorely missed.  I never initiate a hug.  I am well aware of the “creep factor”.  I allow the woman to make the move which I then will welcome their hug with open arms.  And guys, please don’t unless one saved the life of the other then a hug would be understandable.  

   All of this lost casual physical contact has been replaced with the stupid fist-bump or elbow tap. Puhleese!  Don’t bother.  That’s just weird.

   My two recent visits with Michelle and Joy were great.  I enjoyed seeing their smiles.  It was so nice to talk with someone who wasn’t scared to death to stand there with a naked face and converse like we always did in days gone by.


  1. Missing so much that is normal will hopefully make us grateful for a lot of things(hugs, smiles, affectionate interactions) when the pandemic is over. I hope we don't go back to taking that all for granted. -Mary

  2. Yep, I see you. Thanks for pointing it out, because this doesn't seem to be a conversation many people have - at least in my experience. During the past year of shutdowns, I miss hugs from friends the most. Sure, I e-mail, text, or call, but it's not the same.

    1. Was very surprised to see your comment Katie. It’s been years and I am happy to see you are still tagging along with us. Thank you.

  3. I still have your comments filed under Sinbad. The loss of google reader in 2013 really did me in as far as following blogs that I liked. I'm on twitter, but it's such a different energy. I miss my curated blog selections, so have been looking back into that. You're one of the best. I'm glad you're still around with Beans! :)


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