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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Laundry Day

Every time I have to do laundry I agonize over it for days.  And every time after I do laundry I come away thinking Well that wasn’t so bad.  The secret is finding a small laundry place and this one here is just that.
It is inside the door near the propane tanks and not that many here know of it.
Good price too at $1.50 a load and fifty cents to dry for fifteen minutes where most I have been at are for only eight minutes.

 Four machines each.  While the laundry was churning I drove into the lot behind and filled the propane tank in The Little House on the Highway.  I parked back in front of the laundromat.  The wash was still chugging.  I walked across the street to Family Dollar (see through the window) and bought some milk and cat food for my friend/neighbor’s cat.  I still had time to go back across the street and fill three one gallon jugs full of fresh filtered water.  Yep, still no one else in the laundry room. Things were going well.

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