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Monday, March 8, 2021



A woman I met last winter near where we were camped came by to see us one day.  I’d guess her to be in her fifties and not much over five feet tall.  She has health issues and it showed when I first met her last winter.  Her aliments are of long words I cannot pronounce let alone spell out here.  She is well into her second year now of being a full time nomad.  I noticed a big change in her as she stepped out from her truck.  She had lost weight, looked healthier and was full of life.  I commented on it.  She said she feels so much better now. “It is this lifestyle.  Living in this tranquil stress-free dry desert environment for half of the year has worked wonders.”  She still has her health problems but she is able to manage and cope with them much better here.  She is from Ohio and has since changed her residency to Arizona.  She has now established Quartzsite as her home base since she spends most of the year here, then travels elsewhere in the southwest when it becomes too hot to stay here any longer.  “My Arizona driver’s license shows ‘La Posa South LTVA’ as my address.”  I laughed.  However she pulled that off I don’t know as it is just barren desert but I thought it great.  That is like having my driver’s license showing ‘Tyson Wells LTVA’ where Beans and I are now camped as my address.  

I put the above caption in as I felt it pretty much exemplified Michelle.  I don’t like to put photos of people I meet on the blog especially single women living the solo nomad lifestyle.  The internet is weird.



Barbara Rogers said...

Yes, a great quote. I''m glad to hear about the friends you meet - and certainly am glad you protect their identities. I think we must all offer as much privacy to each other as we can. Do you all wear masks when talking together?

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

The answer to your question will be the topic of tomorrow’s post Barbara. Thank you for your comments as sometimes they inspire a post for me.

Shammickite said...

Another brave lady. Hooray for Michelle.