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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Moving Day

We moved on down the road a few miles to a 14-day stay area called Roadrunner.  After three months at Beans’ Tree Camp a change of scenery was needed.  Plus the cats were bored sniffing the same bushes each day. At Roadrunner there are less people, no ATV’s buzzing back and forth and no barking dogs. 

 After grocery shopping, getting water and a fruitless search for some paperback books at two thrift stores we met up at the pizza place in town.  It was nice to eat out in a restaurant, a first for me in over a year since all this COVID business began.

For those of you who have been with us for a few years you may remember Amanda and her black cat Dresy.  We traveled together for a few months back in 2017 up until the Great Solar Eclipse on August 21 of that year.  All of that adventure is in the Getting to Know You eBook to the right.  Amanda is now Louie’s mom and we will travel together on through to Texas after we leave Quartzsite.  Once in Texas she has a summer pet set to do and we will part ways.


Barbara Rogers said...

I also had pizza yesterday, but the restaurant isn't open yet to inside sit-down eating, so we just picked ours up at the counter, then went and ate in my car, with one door open to make sure we had fresh air. My friend had just had the first shot on Sat. and I'm past the 2 weeks after both shots. Pizza and a salad were just barely doable on the steering wheel. Have fun with a person you know, sharing stories.

Shammickite said...

Both of the pizzas look really good. I have not eaten restaurant pizza for at least 18 months! I made pizza at home last week, even made the dough, but the cheese wasn't cheesy enough.
Good to know you have a travelling companion for a while.
When will you get a covid vaccine, John?

Janie said...


Billy Blue Eyes said...

Good to have a friend to travel around with and share a pizza