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Monday, March 1, 2021

The Camper is Gone

I don’t know if the RV folks came and picked it up, found a buyer who loaded it up on his truck or someone stole it in the dead of night.

It is kind of sad that is all I have to blog about.  This place has become a ghost town compared to how it usually is at this time of the year.  And it has been that way for the last month on.   Actually, for the entire winter season the population of snowbirds was nothing as it normally is.  I think we all know the reason why.  We have nothing to do except to enjoy the good weather which is the sole reason for being here.  

Well, that and lizard hunting.



Shammickite said...

I hope whoever took the camper enjoys fixing it up and then camping in it. Yes it's sad that there's not much bloggable to comment on, It's the same here. The Covid lockdowns and restrictions continue and I am finding life very unremarkable. And there's not even vaccine excitement to look forward to for me at the moment. I can't book an appointment until April for my age group. When will you get a vaccine? Will you get one in Arizona or have to go back to California?

Barbara Rogers said...

It's a cat's life, perhaps. Enjoying looking for lizards, sleeping for hours on end, and being given food and water by the resident human. But as humans never seem to be satisfied (like cats) they would read books, watch movies, and talk to each other over the miles. Yawn.

Toc said...

It would be strange without all the Canadians.