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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Economics of Fast Food

 They need help.

After doing a few errands in town Amanda suggested we get something to eat before starting our long day’s drive across Arizona.  Being as we couldn’t decide what to eat we ended up at Burger King.  Knowing that I had my heart set on a vanilla shake to get me through Phoenix.  Evidently I was the first shake order of the day for the lady discovered their machine had froze up.  She apologized and said she’d refund my money.  The thing was she refunded me the cost of the entire meal, $5.18, that is with the old person discount.  She handed me my bag with a Whopper and fries plus gave me a large cup to get any drink I wanted.  Free meal!  I gave the cup to Amanda and told her to get herself another drink.  Amanda went back to my RV to eat her burger while I went across the road to Carl’s to get my much desired vanilla shake.  At Carl’s they had one more employee than did Burger King - a total of three.  The kid at the counter would have to run out the front door and deliver each drive-up window order to the customer waiting in the driveway past the drive-up window.  There was something definitely wrong going on.  With way too much more to detail in this post I finally I got my shake at the cost of $4.41, seventy-seven cents less than my entire meal with fries and shake at Burger King.  I made it back across the road dodging semi-trucks and inattentive tourists to the RV where Amanda had just finished her meal.  She left to go wash the windows of her van and check tire pressures then came back.  I was done eating my free meal and we finally set off on a long weary day of driving. The shake didn’t make it to Phoenix.

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