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Monday, April 5, 2021

Another Walkabout

The next day was a wind day.  We were stuck indoors most of the day.  In the morning I was itching for another walkabout.  This time I set out in the opposite direction across the road we came in on.  

I came across this cactus thinking they were the low ground variety of prickly pear then realized it was cholla.  I had never seen this before.  It is whipple cholla.  It was an important food item for the Zuni people of the area.  They would cut off the spines from the fruit, dry it out and this helped them survive the winter.

 My favorite prickly pear, the purple prickly pear.  Last time I remember seeing it in any numbers was on the way to Big Bend NP in Texas.

Then I found this abandoned cattle loading station.  It had not been used a very long time.  There were no foot prints or hoof prints anywhere around.  Not even any petrified cow patties.

I always check the end posts of fence lines.  Birds of prey will most always choose them to perch on while dining on their latest catch.  Leftovers can be found on the ground.  This one had part of a snake skeleton.

Time for this boy to go in a different direction.

Another annoying barbed wire fence to negotiate.  This one was fairly easy for it had a long span with no supports and the strands of wire could easily be separated.  There were no injuries crossing this fence line.  
No clothing was shredded either.
My hiking stick is very useful with these fences.  
It helps me maintain my balance and not fall over getting hung up in barbed wire

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Shammickite said...

Nice picture of the rusty hinge on the weathered wood post. And a very fancy No Trespassing sign.