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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Beach Camping Sort Of


After our most refreshing shower we continued on into the park, away from the full hook-ups crowd to the dispersed beach camping electing to stay up on hard ground.  

After letting the cats out for a walk (Beans does not like it here and wasn’t interested in exploring) we walked on down to the shoreline.  Some had driven down close to the water but taking a heavy RV down into this just didn’t seem a wise thing to do.

So this is what we come across.  That is a brand new self-standing tent from Walmart.  The nearest tent model I could find online for Walmart was the Gazelle pop-up tent priced at $279, only difference being was the color.  It appears the people used it once, could not figure out how to fold it up and pack away so they just left it.  The red thing off to the right seems to be the rainfly cover that fits over the top.  Amanda said we can use that to sit on in the sand.  While doing so I notice the tie down cords on the rain fly were still coiled up, never undone.  Brand new.  I suggested to her she keep it and use it as an additional sunshade off her awning.  And so at the end of the day we rolled it up and stuffed it in a nylon bag she found nearby.  
I was so curious about setting the tent up to see what it was like and then try to fold it away myself.  How hard could it be?  I went back down there the next morning.  The thing was heavy and unmanageable by myself being all twisted up and all.  It would be just my luck the ranger would come by and see me messing with the contraption thinking it was mine so I didn’t linger about for very long.

It was such a wonderful feeling to walk along the sand barefoot.
It’s been a very long time.


Shammickite said...

People do some strange things. Why set that tent up and then leave it there? perhaps they were planning to come back next weekend and hope the tent was still there. How lovely to walk on the sand in the water.

Hawaiian bred said...

As a child, after hiking bare foot in the mountains of Hawaii we would take our muddy feet to the beach to get them clean. Worked every time.