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Monday, April 19, 2021

Casa Taco


Elephant Butte, New Mexico

We left our Rio Grande river front camp to do errands in Truth or Consequences and would meet up after. I stopped at Walmart for a few grocery items.  The parking lot there was covered with solar panels.

Unable to find propane in T or C Amanda had to continue on to Elephant Butte to fill her tank.  Nearby she found a Mexican food place, Casa Taco (what an imaginative name) and I met up with her there.

The place was expanding with soon-to-be upstairs dining.  That’s one way to keep people from going up there, leave the bottom half of the stairway incomplete.

I had the two taco (carne asada) meal with rice and beans.
This meal was the very same price as...

...as the combination plate (with four items plus rice and beans) at Benji’s in Deming.
Which would you choose?

1 comment:

Karen said...

The Casa Taco meal looks more appetizing than the other one. A bit too much of that slimy looking green sauce