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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Caves and Mines


One of the first things I noticed at our new location was a cave up the mountain.  Boy, I’d sure like to go check that out but it looks like too much work getting there.  We decided to stay here longer after exploring the stone ruins so the next day I went for it.  It wasn’t all that difficult after all.  

I climbed within sight of the entrance and heard the dreaded buzzing sound.  BEES!  Why did it have to be bees?  Snakes, spiders, scorpions you name it no problem but bees...nope!
This is as close as I dared to go in.

The little buggers and their hive were right in the dark square to the left.
I went the other way.

The cave didn’t go any further than what you see in the photo so it was no great loss but to make the climb worthwhile I continued around and climbed up on top where I was surprised to find this lonely Utah Juniper.

Also there was a hawk nest.  I saw one cottontail rabbit, a long tailed ground squirrel and
a couple of cow flops.  You wouldn’t think a cow would climb up here but maybe the grasses were much sweeter here than the grass down on the flat.

I was rewarded with a very nice view for my efforts.
See our two RV’s down there?

More Mines on Monday

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