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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Exit 92


We left Boat Ramp Camp returning to the little town of Elephant Butte and the State Park nearby.  Why?  One last refreshing shower.  After becoming confused three times trying to locate where the propane place was that Amanda had used when we first arrived here, I finally found it and filled up the tank.  She met me there and we then headed north to our next destination only twelve miles away.  The wind was really whipping, not making for a pleasant drive.  We pulled off at Exit 92 and drove down the dirt road in search for a camp spot.  It was a narrow one-lane track and the only three spots available were taken.  I had her stay back and I went ahead to see if anything else was to be had.  After nearly two miles the road deteriorated and nothing looked promising.  I texted her I was coming back, having to back up all the way.  This a prime reason why I would not tow anything.  I am good driving in reverse.  Amanda had parked in the wide spot just off the Interstate and I pulled in behind.  This would work well for the night.  We never saw the owner of the car near us.  He could be dead, stuffed in the back for all we knew.  We never looked.

Desertholly Saltbush


Shammickite said...

Not exactly the most scenic campground you have ever parked at!

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

It is better than a Walmart parking lot although overnighting at Walmart can be entertaining at times.