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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Jerusalem Thorn

Where we are the area is thick with this plant that is a species of Palo Verde.  I am not sure if I have come across it before or not.  You’d think I would remember by the size of those thorns.  

This plant is a nasty piece of work.  The thorns range from an inch to two inches long and they mean business.  Being as such it pretty well limits my ability to beat the brush on walkabouts.

Poor Beans doesn’t get it why I can’t follow along where she goes and insists on her coming back.
“I can’t go that way Beans.  Come back.”

She is very good in turning around and coming back the way she went in when I call to her.
Beans is a pretty smart cat.

She likes to climb trees and the large cottonwood tree in camp is ideal.
It’s a nice view from up here Dad.

She has come to trust me when coming back down allowing me to catch her or lift her off when she reaches my level and gently set her on the ground thus avoiding the straight down harsh landing.  
It’s been this was from early on after the first few tree climbs in our travels.

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anonymous said...

Beans is the only pet cat I know about that gets to climb trees, how nice! Mary