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Friday, April 2, 2021

Oak Flat Campground

After I had my cup of tea and took Beans out for her exploratory walk I went for a walk back down the road and into Oak Flat Campground.

 I just wasn’t sure about what all this Native American stuff was all about.

Then I discovered I simply had not driven in far enough, nor had Amanda when she was her before.
It turned out to be a very nice campground among the shady trees. 

There were designated campsites complete with cement tables, fire pits and two pit toilets.
There was no water and the missing cell service.

And as it turned out this was not a Native American burial site but I would have to admit it was very much “sacred ground” for it is a beautiful area and the Apache tribe is doing it’s best to protect the land from mining interests who want to turn the entire canyon into an ugly open pit copper mine.
Go to www.apache-stronghold.com to learn more about their fight to save their land.

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