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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Our Quest For a Lonely Beach


You can see where we were camped by the mark at the bottom of this satellite image.  The upper mark is where we are now.  See the nice sandy beach just below that?  Well from where we were we could see someone camped there in a SUV towing a small teardrop trailer.  How did he get there?  That is how we ended up at the upper dropped pin. 

A ranger with zero on the personality meter came by and gave me directions how to get over to our coveted all alone by ourselves beach location.  Once there access down to the water looked iffy and Amanda wasn’t too keen on getting stuck that day.  We tried several roads but nothing looked safe.  Going back to the road junction for lunch a local came by to drop off his trash in the dumpsters marked NOT FOR RESIDENTIAL TRASH.  He gave us directions to a better location and that is how we ended up there.

We are not any closer to the water than before plus the water looked different-milky and not as clear.  I finally figured it out.  The water is so low that there is now a land bridge across to the right from that beach in the satellite image.  Elephant Butte Reservoir is now a chain of small lakes cut off from one another by land bridges.

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Shammickite said...

Is the water lower than usual because of drought conditions?