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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Signs of Draught

On Google Maps I zoomed in on the land around us and discovered a muddy reservoir.   Now I knew where the animals around here including those two cows I saw got their water.  I would go check it out.  I also wanted to see what that strange anomaly at the left edge center of the photo was.

Huh!  It turned out to be a spillway; 
a spillway that appeared to not have seen any water in a very long time.  
And when it did it was only at the bottom of the photo.

With that mystery solved I set out in search for a way to the muddy reservoir.  This wasn’t too difficult for I picked up a animal trail and followed it through the thick brush.  Animals always choose the easiest route to go anywhere.  

Well if I thought this was disappointing imagine the poor animals coming here to drink and finding no water, just a dry dark bed of baked mud.  And here it is the first week of April.  
This place will not see any water until a half a year from now, if even then.

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Shammickite said...

If that is the current state of the reservoir, where do wild animals get their water?