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Sunday, April 4, 2021


The next day I went for a walkabout down the gully below us to the flatlands.
Right away I noticed nearly all the rock, big and small was rounded off with smooth surfaces.  Even volcanic rock. Water action.  This must have been a massive floodplain millions of years ago.

 Next I came upon this, all by itself, no others around within sight.  It is a soaptree yucca.  How did it get here?  Must have been a bird that pooped a seed.  The roots are used as a soap and shampoo, hence the name.  Further on in my walk downslope I came across a few more, much smaller.  
This is probably the parent tree and seeds from it washed down slope or more pooping was involved. 

There are a lot of these millipede carcasses scattered about too. 

Then I saw some big black thing off in the distance amongst the dried brush.  
Oh, just one of the local residents.  Some type of desert antelope.

Coming across these barbed wire fence lines is annoying.  I have to walk up or down the line a way to find a place to get past without too much effort in bending over or crawling through and not rip clothes or skin.  In this case I found a wash where I was able to slip under.


Shammickite said...

Interesting walk! Are there any dangerous creatures that you don't want to come across when you are walking by yourself in the desert? Like a rattlesnake? That black creature in the bushes looks like a bull.

anonymous said...

Happy Easter, John, I hope you and Beans enjoy it.- Mary

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

I haven’t come across a snake of any sort let alone a rattlesnake in years out while hiking. Here where we are now, I haven’t even seen a lizard, and Beans will vouch to that.