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Friday, April 30, 2021

We Came For The Showers


Valley of Fires Recreation Area, Carrizozo, New Mexico

Absurd!  It is a Federal agency so what else can you expect besides absurdity?

So too were closed the restrooms but the pit toilets were open.  COVID-19 cannot survive a pit toilet building. Nor can it survive on the numerous water faucets scattered about the campground.  Oh the things you can learn on this blog.

Nope.  No COVID-19 here.

Camp fee for hookups was $12 ($18 with water and electric).  Day use fee is $3 for one person in vehicle, $5 with two people.  So it stands to reason that being denied the pleasure of taking a shower and flushing a toilet that one can deduct $3 or $5 from their camp fee, no?

We grumbled a lot after successfully getting two of the only five non-hookup sites.

But Beans likes it here, so that’s okay.

Be careful sweetie.


  1. I would like the awnings over the picnic tables. Yes, always watch out of snakes. The few times I have seen them, I almost stepped on them.

  2. I would definitely not like to come across a rattlesnake! That is interesting terrain, lots of rocks and boulders and detail. Too bad about the lack of showers, you deserve a hefty refund.


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