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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

What Are They Thinking?!


After our Mexican food lunch we were planning on going a dozen or so miles north to another free camp area.  While eating Amanda suggested paying the day use fee to go into Elephant Butte State Park.  She really wanted to sit along the shoreline and enjoy the day since it was just a short drive to our next planned destination.  She had yet to fill up with gas so she left and I suggested she swing by the park entrance and see about the day use.  I stayed back and finished my meal.  Soon I got a text from her:  I just paid $8 for dispersed camping and apparently the showers are open!

Unbelievably the New Mexico State Park system had decided to live on the wild side and let people disperse camp along the beach and opened up the restrooms and showers despite their COVID fears.

This restroom has been deemed COVID-19 safe.

The shower was sooooo nice.  Warm water too after you let it run through a couple cycles at the beginning.  Most definitely worth the price of admission. 

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John W. Wall said...

We recently camped a few days at Van Damme State Park near Mendocino and were pleasantly surprised by how clean the restrooms were (although for $40/night they oughtta be). I hope it's that nice in non-covid times.