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Friday, May 7, 2021

And the Adventure Begins

We left our mountain retreat down to the flatlands into Roswell, New Mexico to resupply at Walmart.  Judging by some of individuals in the store they surely must have been from another planet.

(Okay, that’s a joke there and if you are not familiar with the history surrounding Roswell, Google it)

Then we headed eastward towards the Texas border into wind, rain, hail and lightening.  The only thing missing was a tornado.  That’s hail on the highway.

We pulled into a rest area waiting for the bombardment to subside.
This is the kind of stuff Beans and I will have to contend with from now on as we travel further on 
east this summer.

We made it to the little town of Tatum eight miles shy of the New Mexico/Texas border.
There they have a little community RV park for travelers which is free for a three-day stay.  Little towns are great for these as it brings in dollars for the businesses.  This one is rare in the fact that they provide free electrical hook-ups.  We didn’t use them though.

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Shammickite said...

I got the joke!
That's wild weather that you encountered. The giant hailstones can do such a lot of damage, I hope you only see small ones on your journey.