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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Bad Weather. Very Bad.


It was now Monday and I could pick up my package in the small town of Lometa, Texas an hour south of Brownwood where we spent the night.  It rained most of the drive.  I happily picked up my package in the little post office (no lines, that’s why I select small town post offices) and then the skies really began to pour rain.  We took shelter in a regional park on the edge of town.  I reflected back on the package delivery mishap.  It was all for the better as we were able spend more time at the lake, slow down, see and do more along the way than what we would have otherwise.  A couple hours later the skies cleared and we continued on south twenty more miles to Lampasas. 

Later that afternoon the phone blared out a warning!

Robert Lee?!!  My goodness, we just spent five days there two days ago!  Reading the alert I notice Ballinger (one day ago) and Brownwood (last night) listed!
I’m not liking this.

Saw this on the back of a van.  Yep, I think I need this on the RV.
I’m not at all cool about tornados.

Meanwhile, an unmanned robot vacuum cleaner chased me up and down the aisle in Walmart.

Now that I thought was pretty cool.  What a marvelous age we live in.

Yeah I know, I need to get out into to society more often.


John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Better to be chased by a vacuum cleaner than a tornado.

Barbara Rogers said...

Good to hear you didn't get blown to OZ...but with that vacuum, mmm, just about!

RedPat said...

I love that cool sign!