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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Billy - part two - The Trailer

Later that day after visiting Billy I see him leave in his truck.  Now is my chance to go over there and check about the sewer connection.  It was bothering me. 

As I took the above photo I noticed behind me a scorched patch of ground.  Gee, he must have been burning something or the bar-b-que got away from him.

I continued on around the back side of the trailer.

Off to the left as I took the above photo I see this, a burned up bedspring mattress!  Good grief!  What did he do, fall asleep with a cigarette burning?  Good thing nothing can burn here for the humidity is so awful all the time that things just smolder.  So he drug out his smoldering mattress and that is what created that brunt square of earth?  I look at what was draped over the grill again - a carpet.  It caught fire too?

Okay, back to my mission.  I locate the sewer outlet on the trailer and...oh my!  It is draining right out onto the ground!!  I stand there hoping it is only grey water (from the sinks) and not black water (the toilet).  I have a theory which will be in the next post.

I take once last good look at the condition of this trailer, the rust, mold, mildew, dirt and water stains.  I cannot begin to imagine what the inside must look like or smell like.  No way do I want to know.
Just the short time I have been here everything in my home has been constantly damp, sticky.
Including its owner and his cat.

I go back across the road to my home shaking my head.

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Barbara Rogers said...

That trailer gets a big WOW!