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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Boles Field Campground

Sabine National Forest
Shelbyville, Texas

This place might do.  There is nothing to see or do here.  Why would anyone want to come for a holiday weekend?  That is the camp host back in there.  His name is Billy.  More about him later.
Otherwise no one else is here.

 There are twenty sites here each with electricity and water and for only six dollars a day, 
half that if you are an old person such as myself.

This fellow was here to welcome us so I took his suggestion and pulled into number ten.

The only drawback to this Forest Service campground is the highway cuts right through the middle of it.  That is us back in the trees.  Billy is on the other side of the road.  But traffic is very little to almost nothing so it isn’t a bother. 

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Barbara R. said...

Nice neighbor, turtle. Have a good holiday weekend...not that it will be much different for you! I have been in pine forests in Texas and they always seemed hot. Or maybe it was FL. Or perhaps Mississippi.