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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Crapshoot Laundry

I could do with some clothes cleaning and checked out laundry places along our route.  The first one would be in Ballinger.  I checked reviews:

This place is horrible. The owner is honestly stealing from customers. Today six washers took my money, I could not find one working machine. I know stealing is a bold statement, but the machines are taking money from the customers and the customers are getting no product.  I bet the owner is enjoying the income and lower utilities due to his machines not working. Would not recommend. 

Most washers are broke, vending machines empty, but it's open and has a bathroom and isn't trashed.   Clothes are clean, so problem solved. 

Over half the machines don't work and they're not even posted as being out of order. It's like playing Russian roulette at your laundromat, this is ridiculous. To top it all off there's no way to get your money back once they've taken it. The owners of this property should be brought up on charges of theft and prosecuted to the full extent of the law and this place should be closed down. 

This is the worst laundry.  Machines  not working, dryers snag clothes, floors dirty, no washing supplies or coin changers.  Plus runners on floor are buckled.  Caused me to fall today in laundry.

Only one in town that I know of so its the best lol

Okay folks, you know me...I just had to see this place.

Inside it didn’t look as bad as some of the photos I saw.  Maybe the owner fixed some things.  I asked a lady (not a local) in there about the machines noting some of the awful reviews I had read.  She agreed saying she lost four dollars one time but was lucky in that the owner was there and was refunded her money.  She said you just have to know which machines NOT to use.  She took me around and pointed out a few sure fire machines that worked.  The two on the end for example and I am using one now, no problem.  $2.50 for a load.

When I came back in with my arms full of dirty clothes a guy had pulled in and beat me to one of the machines the lady had pointed out.  So I asked him also and learned he was a local.  He also took me on a tour saying these four large machines ($5 each) steal your money.

I had already chosen a winner but was concerned about the dryers now.
“Just use the ones on the top row and you’ll be fine.”
He was right.
That’s my somewhat clean laundry in the top right.
Fifty cents for 13 minutes.

Never has doing laundry been so exciting!
Now I understand why people like to gamble.


Shammickite said...

I had to laugh out loud reading your adventures in the laundromat! Glad you had a successful outcome.... and had some nice conversations along the way!

Vicki said...

I had to go to the laundromat about 10 years ago when we lost electricity due to a hurricane. I didn't mind because everything worked and they had laundry supplies. I also listened to an audiobook. One lady lost her money in a few machines and of course nobody was attending the place, so I gave her money to get her laundry done. She thanked me over and over.

Debby said...

Bahaaaaaaa....you have the right attitude. I just got irritated and grumpy. You saw Las Vegas!