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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Fish, Ants, Flowers and a Cat


A victim of the lightning?

I looked it up and when lightning strikes water (and there were dozens of strikes on the lake during that storm) the discharge spreads out over the surface of the water in a circular form and will electrocute fish near the surface.

These are most interestingly shaped ant hills.  They are only an inch or so high and a couple inches in diameter.  The ants themselves are very tiny, just a mere speck, yet they created this overnight right next to the front tire.  I’ve seen the mockingbirds stand by them pecking ant by ant.  Hardly worth the effort it seems to me.  There are four ants in the photo.

Purple poppy-mallow

In unrelated to the flower I was curious as to how many different sizes of Walmarts there are for I see a difference all the time.  It seems there are six different sizes.  What amazed me when I was reading that Walmart earns an average profit of around $1.8 million per hour!
Think about that for a moment.

Near us is a covered picnic area with four large tables for group activity.  After one particular heavy rain Beans picked out the only wet table and laid on it.


Karen said...

Hi John...love catching up with your posts. Saw your anthill and remembered from way back that someone told me ants build their nest openings up high right before a rain storm....a sure sign rain is on the way. Have you heard of this too?

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

No I have not heard of that, but I like it. Rain seems to be a daily occurrence here in east Texas.