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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Fuel Shortages and Travel Hardships


There seemed to be some issue of rising gasoline prices and even a shortage that transpired while we were isolated at the lake.  When I started up the motor to leave I had a quarter of a tank left.  Hmm...maybe I should deal with that before leaving town.  There were two stations in Robert Lee.  I pulled in to one, they had diesel and it was at $3.00 a gallon.  Oh well, at least they have some.  Then I looked on my notes and I paid $3.25 the last time in Roswell, New Mexico.  I sure do love Texas!

Beans checking out the Senior Center in town.

Next time you feel like griping about your travel problems...
(click on the image to better read this)

We just poked along the highway between Robert Lee to Ballinger about forty some miles and spent the afternoon along Elm Creek in the Ballinger City Park.

We could stay here for the night for $15 or next door to Walmart for free.
Another tough choice.

View outside the window that evening.
Who’d know Walmart had I not mentioned it?


  1. A major gas pipeline company got taken for computer ransom, but it was mainly an East Coast problem. I laughed when the national newscaster gravely intoned that gas was going over $3/gallon. Gas has been under $3/gallon in California this century.

    1. That is, gas has NOT been under $3/gallon this century....


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