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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Home For Longer Than Planned


We came here intending to go to Wildcat Recreation Area

but looking at this map at the entrance I guess we are at South Side Park.  It doesn’t really matter for no one has come by (aside from the crime scene activity) the four days we’ve been here.  There was a tent camper for one night across the water from us in Wildcat park.

When we pulled in and I saw this sign, I liked this place right away.

This is the RV dump station.  It appears it has not been used in months.
Dirt is packed in around the drain cover.
Does anyone ever camp here?

I planned on staying here only two days but now it is going to be longer and the reason behind that will be in the next post.  At any rate, this is a very good place for a change in plan.

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