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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Mad Hatter’s Pizza

Brownfield, Texas 

We literally blew in to the town of Brownfield as twenty plus mile-per-hour winds pushed us on out of New Mexico and into Texas.  We crossed into another time zone at the border and just like that it was lunch time.  By pure dumb luck there was this pizza place on the corner of the plaza.

Having these two trucks parked in front was the only advertising of the site.

I saw no name on the building.

The entryway was a just hint of the delights inside that were to amaze us.

Oh yeah, we like this place.

The array of antiques, collectibles and art objects was overwhelming.

A feast for the eyes as the saying goes.

They have much more in storage yet to display.
Nice dog who couldn’t care less about me.

Down a stairway into the basement is a speakeasy still in the makings stage.

The owner and his brick pizza oven.
A better photo of the couple can be seen in the link at the bottom.

I have no words to describe this pizza.

We had thirty some miles yet to go to our destination, another city-run travelers park and then Amanda discovered this right in Brownfield.  Being near comatose after the pizza, this was perfect.

I pasted in a bit from a website, thus the weirdness of the type.  Sorry.

Head down the rabbit hole and discover a hidden wonderland. Located across from the courthouse in Brownfield, Texas, Krank Studios is poised to put this small West Texas town on the map. A historic bank building is now home to Krank Koffee Co., Mad Hatter’s Pizza, and Krank BBQ, all featuring eye-catching and jaw-dropping art inspired by Alice in Wonderland. From the giant hand reaching out of the ceiling to a doorway shaped like an 11-foot-tall keyhole, the entire building is an art project that rivals anything a big city like Austin has to offer. Soon, a second-floor, boutique hotel and a basement speakeasy will be added to the array of businesses at Krank Studios.

Link below if you want to read more about their business


Barbara Rogers said...

How very cool...and just look at that shady camp spot you got! After all that delicious looking pizza, you deserved it! Enjoy Texas hospitality now!

Shammickite said...

That's the sort of quirky unusual place that I'd love to visit, and the pizza looks amazing, loaded with all sorts of good things. Such fun to discover a hidden gem on your travels. Maybe another pizza tomorrow?

John W. Wall said...

Such an interesting couple who run that place. Are those green beans on the pizza?!

Karen said...

Wow, how cool!

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...