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Monday, May 24, 2021

Mixed Feelings and TX Burger


It was with mixed feelings we left Lake Limestone.

We liked it three years ago and we like it still.

We have been here one week.  Time to move on.

I stopped at a TX Burger for lunch, knowing nothing about it.

I couldn’t understand the girl at the counter because of the infernal mask she was wearing.  I had to make her repeat everything.  Another girl delivered my order.  She too wore a mask but I heard her just fine.  It was the girl, not the mask.  She was a low talker (a Seinfeld episode).

The burger wasn’t anything to write about (wait...I am writing about it!)  I think it had been cooked hours earlier.  But the fries were very nicely done as well as my vanilla shake.


Shammickite said...

Lake Limestone looks like a really nice place, clean and well looked after. I hope your next port of call is as pleasant. I haven't had a burger for months, I may have to get one on takeout, as we are still in covid lockdown and no eating in side restaurants or cafes.

shadowcat410 said...

Before you leave TX get you an order of Whataburger onion rings and a Dr. Pepper shake. :)