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Monday, May 17, 2021

Noises Loud Noises Everywhere


After collecting and folding my winnings from Crapshoot laundry we continued on down the road in no great hurry for our next overnight stop in Brownwood, Texas.  We stopped at an “RV park” in the little town of Santa Anna.  It was ten dollars a night “if you can afford it” otherwise free.  There were alot of sites laid out in a grid fashion each with a water faucet that spewed out rust colored water in the first few seconds and each had a electrical hook-up of questionable safety.  From all appearances no one had stayed there in COVID times at the very least.

I took Beans for a walk (no interest) and then did so myself coming back for lunch.  Maybe a couple hours had passed when all of a sudden the ground shook and the RV vibrated.  A train was coming down the tracks.  The engineer then laid on his horn for the upcoming road crossing.  Holy sweet Jesus!!  Beans bolted for her hidey-hole up front and I am sure my ears began to bleed!  How on earth can these people live right here around this park and deal with that?  I couldn’t imagine staying here trying to sleep through the night.  We got out of there pronto before the next train barreled through.

Less than an hour later down the road we arrived at our spot for the evening at the Walmart Camping Center.  Brownwood being a really large town here all we had to contend with were sirens, loud exhaust pipes and cars passing by blaring gawdawful noise that these days is being passed off as “music”. 

Actually though the real noisemakers were the grackles.  
These birds have to be the noisiest birds on the planet.
We had to move once because I had parked near a row of trees just full of them.

We slept well in-spite of the city noise (no trains!) and the next morning found a pet store nearby that carried Beans’ favorite kibble.  I’ll have one happy fat cat when we get into this bag.

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shadowcat410 said...

Grackles are THE WORST! Far worse than a mockingbird, the state bird.