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Monday, May 31, 2021

The Distraction


I said how I got distracted while yelling at Billy during our visit.  This cute little Siamese cat came out to check me over.  “Oh you have a cat!” I exclaim.  Billy tells me how someone dumped her off here last year when she was only a kitten.  “I was going to take her in to the shelter nearby but never got around to it and she’s just kind of made herself at home.  She catches mice and rats so that’s good.”  The cat wasn’t too sure about me at first but once I was able to scratch behind her ears her motor fired up and she was all rubbing up against my legs.  The poor thing was starving for attention.  “She won’t let me hold her though” Billy says.  I reached down, picked her up and held her.  BIG MISTAKE!  I fell in love with her.  When will I ever learn to NOT pick up cats?  Billy said he feeds her and she seemed healthy.  Worn out from visiting Billy plus needing to get away from the cat I said goodbye and walked away.  The cat followed me.  Damn!

I was able to slip away from her and made it back across to our home.  I never went to visit Billy again.  I couldn’t deal with the cat.  I want to steal the cat.  Beans would probably enjoy a playmate.

Boles Field Campground proved to be just about perfect for getting through the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  Only an old couple with what appeared to be their grand daughter came for one afternoon and night.  They were gone in the morning.  We had the place all to ourselves.


  1. Are you SURE you don't want the Siamese cat?

  2. We have two cats that we travel with. They are great companions. I have the perfect cat hair remover if you are interested. We've had cats since 1987. (different ones of course)


    1. If I took on another cat it wouldn’t stop there. Best not to start collecting cats on the road. I treat cat hair as just another condiment to my food. Thank you for following us.

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  4. I have a tiny dog and two cats. I've been told there can be no more animals in the house. Good thing though because I'd rescue as many as the house would hold.

    Both of the cats are beautiful!


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