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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Camping is Not Like How it Used to Be - part one

 Lewis and Clark Lake

I camp to be in and with Nature and to get away from people.

There is a long story leading into this but I’ll save that for the eBook.  It is hot everywhere in the country.  If we are in shade we’re okay.  So we moved north into South Dakota where it was ten degrees cooler.  I thought I would go with a State park where I could plug into electric since the solar panels would not work in shade.  After a hundred mile drive we arrived.  The sign entrance states if you don’t have a reservation call this number or go online to this site.  I am hot, tired, hungry and just want my cup of tea.  I don’t need the frustration of trying to figure out a website reservation system.  There is no one to talk to either (I later learn if I call I would be put on hold for a long time).  I don’t bother checking the other four state campgrounds nearby.  We leave the near empty campground behind and move down to the Army Corps of Engineers campground.  Same story there but at least there is someone to talk to.  She helps me and says they are all reserved out (77 sites) but “go across the dam as they have more shade and you probably can get a spot there.”  Thank you kind lady.

Over the dam and now back in Nebraska there are 42 sites in a long row all angle parked in door handle to door handle.  There are a few spots open.  I drive along thinking I can’t do this. 

I can’t enjoy myself being crammed in like this.

On the way out I pass by the row for tents and stop to ask camp host Shane if I could stay there.  
“Sure.  It is only two dollars less and you don’t have electricity.”  
But there is shade all along the line and NO ONE THERE!

Shane helped me to understand and navigate the website and after a way too long of a time I was able to pay for a site.  Gone are the days of pulling in, picking a spot and paying for it in State and Federal campgrounds.  I am going to have to learn how to do this online crap or just continue doing what I have been for the past number of years.  It will most likely be the latter.


Shammickite said...

Looks like a good shady spot for a couple of days.
Paying for things on line should be easy but often it's not, all those web sites are different! I have trouble too.

Vicki said...

I'd like being where you are too instead of around all those other campers. Camping is for getting away from people and enjoying nature.

Unknown said...

I'm like you...I can't stand campgrounds. You can only see the front and back of other's RVs, not nature. Not to mention all the people and noise! Hence, me camped all the way in the back of La Posa! - The Gypsy Witch

Unknown said...

Okay! I figured out how to subscribe so you know who I am now! Gypsy Witch, Persephone's mom!