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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Down Into the Canyon

Picnic Spring, South Dakota

I want to go down there, somehow.

 Maybe this way.

Getting there.
The cliff faces all around are beautifully sculpted by wind and water.
Right above the lone tree center left is white bird poop on the rock.
A hawk must live there.

This small tree in the center is growing out from a narrow crack in the rock.
There were a lot of markings scratched into the sandstone by idiots.
The oldest I saw was 1979.  Made me want to be an idiot and scratch my initials in there 
JK 1879
 Just to mess with people.

It was thick with vegetation at the bottom so difficult to hike through.  There was a trickle of water which I followed back up another canyon and came to this.  It must be Picnic Spring as a stone step trail led back up to the campground. 

Beans likes to sit right on the edge.  
Why must she do this and make Dad all nervous?

No, I didn’t take her down into the canyon with me.
We’d still be down there if I did.

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Billy Blue Eyes said...

I've come across peoples initials like that, oldest I have come across was from the 1600's