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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Gum Springs Walkabout


After a good hard rain off and on through the night the next day was all set for some exploring.

For some reason the day use area was ribboned off “CLOSED”.  

I walked all the way around to get to this.

Is this Gum Springs?
I could see picnic tables on the other side but there is no access.  Why?
The water didn’t look inviting what with a lot of weeds just below the surface.
We’re getting close to gator country too.

On one tree with the tape wrapped around it was a sign folded over in half due to all the rain.  I lifted it up.  A live wasp nest was attached!  I didn’t stick around  read it.

Continuing on I found another notice lying on the ground.  It was all about warning the visitor of the potential of falling trees which had become a more constant concern since hurricane Laura passed through here in August of 2020.  Laura was a Category 4 hurricane, a tie for the strongest hurricane to make landfall in Louisiana with sustained winds of 150 mph recorded.
Maybe this is why the campground looks recently redone.

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