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Friday, June 4, 2021

I Have Been Converted


We were driving along and I was ready for some lunch and looking about as we passed through Jena, Louisiana for some local cuisine.  I was running out of town when I saw Popeye’s.  Now I have seen them all over the country but never went to one before.  “Louisiana Kitchen”, okay not what I was looking for but that’s close enough.

I walked up to the door...locked. 
The bottom sign reads: Lobby closed due to labor shortage.
I sidestepped to the takeout window, told the woman I’m in a large RV and she said “Go to the door, someone will be with you.”  Right away another lady opened the door.  
“What can I get you?”
“I just want a sandwich.”
“Anything else with that?”
“ONE CLASSIC!!!” She hollered over her shoulder.  “That’ll be $4.37.”
I handed her a five and she was back within a minute with my sandwich and change.
Fastest transaction ever at a fast food place.

It seems darn near every business, especially fast food places, I drive by have signs out “HIRING”.
There seems no shortages in jobs to be had these days.  
I’ll stop there and say no more on the subject.

I walked back to the abandoned furniture store parking lot where I had found shade to park in to have my lunch.  I unwrapped it and was impressed with just the bun alone.  It wasn’t like the typical buns seen at all fast food hamburger places (see the Whataburger bun at the bottom).  Inside was a thick piece of Louisiana fried chicken.  Now I am not all that much about chicken sandwiches; I’ll go with cow all the time.  Not anymore!  This thing was good!  So good that it now stands at the top of my list for a road food sandwich.

Amanda wanted me to make sure I tried Whataburger’s onion rings and Dr. Pepper shake before I left Texas.  The rings were very well done.  Near perfection.  Dr. Pepper is my soft drink of choice.  That shake was 32 ounces of goodness that took me all day to finish.  


John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Same thing here; lots of low-paid jobs everywhere. There were lots of changes during Covid - supermarkets and others hiring extra delivery drivers, a few people starting their own businesses from home, people working on vaccination programmes etc - unsurprisingly people are not returning to jobs which may be closed down again on the whim of the government. And I suppose some families just got used to the idea of being home and living on one income rather than two.

Barbara R. said...

I've never had a Popeye's sandwich, but I do enjoy their rice and beans (if they still have it) That shake does sound delicious~!

John W. Wall said...

I made $9/hr. as a newspaper reporter in the late '80s and couldn't really live on it even back then.

Vicki said...

I'm not a fan of Popeye's chicken and sides, I like KFC's food much better. But, the Popeye's sandwich is very good, especially when it's made when I order it.

Unknown said...

A newbie reader to your blog this year. I enjoy your travels around the country, and especially photos of Beans. I only wish you wouldn't make light of the Covid pandemic. Apparently you haven't lost family members to the virus. Or friends. You're one of the lucky ones. I would devour that sandwich, btw. Safe travels.