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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Lewis and Clark Keelboat


Missouri River Basin Lewis and Clark Interpretative Center

Nebraska City, Nebraska

This is supposed to be an exact replica of the boat the expedition used.

They had two smaller boats called pirogues with them also.

I was surprised at how large the main boat was.
Considering all the gear they had with them it had to be a large boat.

The upper deck had a canvas cover and the tiller-man stood in back.

I bet they really appreciated it when they could use the sail.

No wind, no sail, then a lot of hard rowing.
Remember how hot and humid it can be here.

Underwater snags of trees, limbs and root systems were a constant hazard that could severely  damage the boat.  Notice the iron on front.  The bottom of this boat was metal plated so I assume the original at too had metal protection underneath.  There was a small cannon mounted up front on the original.
It had been removed from the replica but you can just make out the swivel mount in the photo.

This was interesting.
Clicking on the image may make it easier to read.


Barbara Rogers said...

Cool to see replica of same size and design of their boat! I need to watch one of the histories about their trip!

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Never seen a boat like that before, interesting