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Monday, June 28, 2021

Possibly the Best Forest Service Camp Ever


Near the border of North and South Dakota

I wasn’t too sure what to expect at this campground and it was eight miles in off the highway to boot.

I looped around and no one was there. The road was nicely graded with gravel.  There were only ten sites each widely spaced apart from the others.  This is nice.  There is no water, no electricity, two sets of pit toilets and it is FREE!  Fortunately I had just shopped for supplies and have enough water and propane.  Good thing too for there are no big towns for like a hundred miles.  I want to stay here until after the Fourth of July mayhem over.

The campground sets at 3200 feet (975m) so is cooler.  All around are these sandstone cliffs.
Lots of good hiking and exploring to be had here.

Like the sign points out, this small portion of the Custer National Forest sets a top a massive plateau.
  Yep, this place is now one of my special spots.


  1. You can have a great time in the next week!

  2. Is that a cell signal booster sticking out in the second photo?

  3. Looks like a great place to spend time until after the 4th of July.


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