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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Stuck an Extra Day

Pine Bluff, Arkansas 

We are trying to get through Arkansas although it is nicer here humidity wise.  Rather than making it a long day’s drive through Little Rock we pulled up in Pine Bluff.  No need to hurry to go nowhere.  That evening my recent repair to the refrigerator door hinge gave way.  Those miserable Louisiana roads broke the original repair that had lasted two years.  We stayed an extra day so I could go to Lowes and make a much better repair.  This one will last for sure.

We returned to our same Walmart Camperland spot to weather out that afternoon’s thunderstorms.  I tried to get Beans out but there was too much activity.  But we met a nice young man, Anthony, who stop to see and pet Beans.  He sent this photo he took.  You can tell Beans has had enough, not of Anthony but of all the car s going by.  She was happy to get back inside.


Vicki said...

Beans is beautiful, and I would have had enough of all the cars going by too.

legsbluetrain said...

Nice to meet you