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Saturday, June 5, 2021



Natchez, Mississippi

In the lawn in front of City Hall lies the grave of Tripod, the city’s kitty.

At some time in his life a three legged cat took up residence in the city hall building of Natchez.  He quickly became well loved by the city employees and residents who came in to do business.  When Tripod passed away donations poured in for a proper burial and a gravestone.  Two local monument companies wound up donating a headstone.  Local legend has it that Tripod was so loved by the community that when the donations were tallied they exceeded the money the city itself had.

Natchez looked to be a wonderful city, rich in history you can see in its buildings. 
It sits on the bank of the Mississippi River.  

We didn’t dilly-dally around though for thunderstorms were bearing down on us from the south.

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shadowcat410 said...

Aww sweet lil Tripod. What a sweet story. I remember that area, very pretty and lush. Miss the road already...