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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Walking the Loop

Picnic Spring

Every morning I walk the three quarter mile loop around the campground.  Need to know if anyone else is here.  Usually not and if so it is only for the night.

The only not-so-good point about this campground is that the cell signal is weak.  I get only one bar.  Look closely and you can see my booster antenna up.  This thing works and now I have three bars.

It is difficult to tell from the photo but the canyon around the plateau is pretty deep.  Those are the tops of very tall pine trees at the edge of the cliff.  Most every camp has a cliff drop off behind it. 

See the bird?  It is a fledging that I nearly stepped on.  He took off quite awkwardly crashing into a rock and then hung there by one bird foot before falling to the ground.  I wanted to help but left him alone.  He’ll get the hang of this flying thing pretty soon.


Barbara Rogers said...

Good looking location...glad little bird kept on hopping. Thistle bloom is so pretty!

Vicki said...

That campground looks so peaceful! Poor little birdie, I'm glad you didn't step on him! Love the thistle.