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Saturday, July 10, 2021



Alexander, North Dakota

I had another small town city park lined up after our stay at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  I followed the coordinates into the town of Alexander, turned off onto a side street and looked to my left.  That’s it? A vacant lot?  I pulled in and discovered it was at one time a developed camp spot with ten or twelve spots including electrical and water and even connections for waste water.  But everything was turned off.

Across the street they had a very nice city park,

with an elabobrate children’s playground.

In the corner of the park was some history to the area.

Like Crockett Spring back in Texas, this one too had no flowing water.

And like Bowman, ND a week ago there was not a single fast food place to be had.  Just one bar and grill. But Alexander can be forgiven for that for only 350 people live here.  This is the entire downtown main street business district.

Here is the Class of 2021.  
It just brought to mind for me so many questions as how would it be to be raised and go all through school knowing the same few kids all of your life.  Will these kids stay here or are they eager to spread their wings and go elsewhere dusting off little Alexander from their boot heels forever? 


Shammickite said...

I wonder what people do to make a living in those small towns. Farming I suppose. I have been trough a few towns like that when on a trip along part of Route 66, or what used to be Route 66.
That's a very elaborate playground for a town that probably doesn't have very many small children.

Vicki said...

Looks like a deserted town! I like small towns but that might be a little too small.