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Friday, July 16, 2021

An Old Highway Rest Stop

West of Terry, Montana 

Terry was forty miles from our stay in Glendive.  We got off the Interstate to see the town (desolate) and passed on through on old Highway 10 which was the main route before the Interstate came into being.  A few miles down the old highway was what used to be a rest stop for the traveler.  We pulled in for lunch.  It was nice, quiet and shady.  Very few cars passed by and so we stayed there.

In walking distance on down the road.

I followed a rutted dirt track down the embankment to view the Powder River.

Standing beneath the trestle to take that photo a freight train roared by overheard.
That was exciting.

Yeah, I wanted to walk across but I’d just have to come back so I didn’t disobey the sign.

The trains weren’t an issue for me since there was no horn blowing.  Beans though didn’t care for them and would always bolt for her hidey-hole when one rolled through.
Our camp is down the slope where she is looking.

On down the road we go.


Barbara Rogers said...

Cool shot of Powder River, and I liked learning all that history on the sign. Poor Beans with trains, I don't blame her. Enjoy the day.

Vicki said...

I've never seek a river like that before. I love all the info on the sign. I enjoyed all of your photos.