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Sunday, July 4, 2021

Back Among the Living


Picnic Springs, South Dakota

I am happy to report that I am better.  That was a rough four days. I just have no energy and need to eat more.  Here I was wondering if I would have supplies to get us through the week when we arrived and now I am having to get rid of some fresh foods that are no longer fresh.  This was a nice place.  I just wish I could have enjoyed it more.

Oh Beans!  Why must you do that and worry me so?
I swear, its just like having a little toddler sometimes.

We will be moving on into North Dakota as you read this.


  1. I know that diagnosis from this distance is nuts but could you have been out in the hot sun too long? I still read your blog everyday and follow your travels.

    1. No Red, it was that cheap Chinese meal I mentioned. I don’t linger out in the hot sun very long. Thank you for following along each day.

  2. Glad you feel better! That view is amazing. I love cats and have 2, Beans is a beauty!


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