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Monday, July 5, 2021

Bowman, North Dakota


Twenty-nine miles north of where we were camped was the town of Bowman, the first town over the North Dakota state line.  There was a city park campground, Butte View Campground with 54 sites spread out in the scrabbly grass most with electricity for $30 a night.  I came for the reported showers.

It looked like only a dozen campers were there and when I pulled up to the restrooms they looked rather used and abused.  But I wasn’t picky.  After last week a shower in any condition would be appreciated.

Stepping inside I was impressed.  
Well this is rather nice.

Oh this shower is great!
The little sign to the left states showers are free for guests otherwise $3 for people like me.
I’ll gladly pay three dollars which I had to hand over to the camp host lady across the way.

Feeling having been reborn I asked the host lady if there was a place in town to get propane and she directed me to the Cenex gas station.  I had to drive up a dirt alleyway, go around into the store where the kid at the counter said to go into the service shop through the door that stated No Admittance and the mechanic will get it for you.  “I’ll meet you there” he said. Back outside the shop, through the store, around the block and up the alley he was there unlocking the metal shed.  Strangest arrangement for getting propane I have come across.

I had also asked the camp lady about the nice looking grocery store and she said it is indeed a good store.  I stopped along the way discovering a head of lettuce was $3.69.  A bag of make it yourself salad was nearly five dollars.  Nope.  I left.

After getting the propane I drove around town looking for lunch.  I could not believe this town of 1650 in population did not have one single fast food place, not even a McDonalds which I might have went for in desperation.  Nothing!  I saw two bar and grills and a closed diner.  Amazing.

I left thinking What a sad sorry town.  I’ve been in smaller towns all over that had a lot more to offer.  It was seventy-four miles north to our goal at Dickinson where we once again got blown off the road with a heavy wind and rain storm along the way.  Fun times.  It’s great to be moving again.


Shammickite said...

I'm very glad you are feeling better at last. Great news on the shower, you must feel rejuvenated! But sad about the fact that you couldn't find a decent fast food place to have some lunch.

Barbara Rogers said...

I dare say they don't have a reputation as a welcoming town..duh!

Vicki said...

Wow, that's one of the nicest camp ground rest rooms and showers I've ever seen!

Getting a tank of propane there sure isn't easy!

That lettuce sure costs a lot! Our most expensive store has it for $1.65

No McDonald's? I don't think I've ever been to a town that didn't have one. I used to live in a town that wasn't even a town, it was a "Village", and it has a McDonalds!

Hurricane Elsa is headed toward us. All we've gotten so far is high winds and heavy rains. I'm hoping it turns and goes out toward the ocean before it does anymore damage.