A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Fort Buford, North Dakota

There is nothing original to the fort remaining today. 
The few buildings here are reconstructions.

Otherwise the grassy fields are dotted with blue signs to signify that this or that once stood here.

The reconstructed building where the above took place.

But the site afforded the traveler a free place to stay for up to four days and we used it.
Notice the building behind us.

A couple of weeks earlier a tornado came through and ripped off the end of this building.

The building was so new that the manufactures stickers were still on the windows.
I’m glad we missed this event.


Barbara Rogers said...

That tornado-hit building gives me pause...and isn't that one of those 3rd wheel campers inside? The way the skin has been peeled away, not to mention how 2x4s have become matchsticks...just wow. So glad that didn't happen when you were there!

Vicki said...

Tornado's and especially hurricanes are very scary! Luckily we only got lots of wind and rain from Elsa. Other places were not so lucky. Glad you and Beans weren't there during the tornado.